• heli heli heli ,shes rockin my world.
  • watch shes screaming in youtube..she colured mylife.
  • a must song to hear-decode.!
  • messy hair,shirts and jeans,u cool bebeh,!
  • haha,btw shes in a band called paramore.
  • please come to malaysia my baby.:)

  • alice is her name and shes in a trash-so called electro band crystal castle.
  • watch shes screaming in Alice practice and crime wave and many more.
  • shirts and skirts- coolll kan?
  • :)
  • waiting for her upcoming show in malaysia,haha,mimpi laaahh.

  • karen o,shes in a band called yeahyeahyeahs.! gila cool la minah neh.kire dea neh cam idola aku gak a, and yes. aku memang suka roksetar. sampai termimpi2 perform cm karen o. haha
  • a must song to hear from her fantastic,husky, voice and for sure rock and roll are lion,sheena is punk rocker , and 10x10
  • jyeah karen.! love ya!
  • im really hope she can get here as fast as she can :D

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