i do need u but yes i dun.

maybe i need someone now to spend 24/7 hours wit me. speak to me. laughing wit me.talk to me.accompany me when there are time needed to them to do it so.hugging me when im crying fer many things. understand wats in my head bfore i tell him all those thing.text me 24 hours. calling me in the middle of the nite,just to say. hey! i luvvya baby.always suprises me. always make me smile. always express his feeling.knows every single thing tat i like.enjoys my music. always support me.very good in express his feeling. appreciate me as well as im appreciate him.
respect my decision.and very good in education, but its all about maybe. maybe. maybe. maybe.yes i do need u. but yes i dun. always ,.but. who can i trust now?


eijaBEBEH said...

omg,why we are so alike?
i just did post an entry called my dreamed bf 2 days ago.haha go read it.

jaja karen said...

haha ownyeah>? ok ok