I know you know,

Over past two months,one thing i can tell them about us is we obviously and insanely in love.You are my food.I cant live without eating you.You are my air.I breathe you to feel alive.You are my water.You gimme all your energy to able me to kick some ass everyday.Dont you realise?How we had a bad quarrel each other and cursing each other everyday.You being too sweet to me as im giving it to you too.Like at some moment, i sometimes thought of what im gonna be if you're not around me,what we could be if you're not in that ocean of love anymore, what im gonna be if you're not the one who gimme a wake up call everyday,if you're not the one who asked me about my lunch,my dinner, my sickness.I shall say you;re the great goddest thing i hold on to now.And i shall say too, how happy i am, if i knew now, how you feel to me, for over this two months.

And im gonna sit there with you,just two,staring at the sky who made up of our smile.

Jaja Lee

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