A girl said to me on facebook,"You look so different and way too happy now,Jaja".I didnt replied anything except a smile.A smile that can explained everything.Trust me a year and a half ago,i was so lonely hate to say this but i have to admit it,i was so punk,i do what i want to do.I didnt mean that without a bestfriend/a lover we cant smile everyday,its a big lie if you say that u don give a damn at all about having a boyfriend/a soulmate, peneman awak hari hari.You're a liar if u say no,unless you're gay/lesbian.

In a time of one year and a half,i met many types of guys.You name it.The player,the boring,the cakap lebat tapi tak buat,the gig guy,the terlampau suci,the terlampau baik,the terlampau kaya tapi pendek,the physcho guy,the for u,i will do anything baby and all.Ive been so annoyed.Rejected them,being rejected,met them,chatted with them,and knew all those guys.All those silly matters that i faced with them was a really really a good experience for me.But still,none of them can make me smile and laugh.I am the type that will say No as a big No and there is no trial for me when it comes to love.Sebab itu pabila,aku takda perasaan pon dekat sorang dari diorang,i will just simply forget and let them go.Call me an odd,but i am born to passionate lover.Whoever knew me well,will admit this.

After a long year,i met someone on facebook.Thanks to Mark.Yes i knew its a lame to know someone on facebook.Tapi kita tak pernah tahu rancangan Tuhan bukan?I was coming back from one of my friend's open house and he added me up.We chatted and what make me smile is when he is so like me when it comes to a joke.Like seriously,aku tak pernah rasa happy gila bila borak dengan lelaki macam ni.He made me laughed so hard.I cherish every moment we had.Sampai aku rasa,aku macam pernah jumpa dia somewhere but never get a chance to chat with.Yes,aku sampai rasa macamtu.I dont even know why.

At one moment after a long weeks,after we chatting up sampai subuh,after he listened to all my problems,i decided to give him a big suprise on his birthday by taking him to Melaka.I rent a car,and drove to his home that i have never been before.Terima kasih kepada rasa hati aku pada hari itu yang terlalu kuat untuk cari dia.I dun even know why i did that.Serious,i just did what i wanted to.Aku tak ada rasa takut kalau aku sesat.I called him and ask for the direction,and yes,atas ketentuan Dia,i safely arrived at his home walaupun aku ada juga tersesat sekejap.I saw him coming towards by seeing over the mirror.I smiled.He gave me a warm hello and he put all his bag in and smile widely towards me.If ever i could stop that moment,i will do.God,aku jumpa orang yang aku tak pernah jumpa tapi i feel so comfortable with him.I am soo happy that day.Gembira yang dah lama aku tak rasa.He drove the car and we chatted like we have being a bestfriend for five years! He did me laughed hell hard.

After a great weekend,all went good,and yeah there are some part that i wanna keep it to myself :)
And yes, we are happy together through thick and thin now.Trust me,kadang kadang kita tak perlu tunggu cinta tu datang,kita kena mencari.Please date a man that crazy about you,and you're crazy about him too. :)

If we're not meant to be together one day,these will be one of my great memory ever in my life.Atleast,you've got the feel,you've got the smell,you've got the kimia of love .. ;)



im glad that you found someone that can make u feel like no other man had love u like he does now. and i hope me too will that someone. i admit 2 months being on my own isnt that easy but now u finally become happier, and ill wait for the moment i become happier too. pray for me ja!

Amanda said...

"the terlampau kaya tapi pendek"

Jaja Lee ♛ said...

i always pray for you eija.if he meant to be with you,he will make u smile again :)

Jaja Lee ♛ said...

diam manda! haha.

Izzat Ezuwan said...

thank you because still remember =) ily
kalau jodoh tak lari kemana paling jauh ke melaka je larinya hahaha