Oh Honey,Nora.

Barney,im starting to like you,i dont know this will be hurt you or not so ive got to tell you now"

"Yes,please Nora"

"I wanna get married,no no,not now,not even this night,i wanna get married with you someday,woke up in the morning with the same guy beside me,having a kids,live with in the home which has a garden,and live happily ever after"

"Yaaa,l would love to Nora.. i want 3 kids,one by one,Nora..*naughty smile"

"Yes Barney,its 3.."

Truth to be told Barney was lying but Nora, i wanna give u high five cause your vision is exactly like mine.I know its a cliche vision but yeah who doesnt want a happy future right?;)

*i need to stop watching himym back to back everyday.im addicted since 2008.tehehehe:p

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