Auntie Yuzi,

semalam,for out of sudden and unusual condition,i had some fight with my bestfriend.A rough fight.We fought like there were no one there.He pull me around,punch me...that was too much for me and yes,as a lady you knew you cant fight someone that strong enough for you.He went away,left me dead and alone..I turned to the left and walked ashamely with what had happened..

Tuhan nak bagi aku tahu aku sesuatu mungkin pada masa itu,when i was walking alone,suddenly out of nowhere,a beautiful auntie that was wearing a black blouses and jeans along with her son,came up in front of me,dan apa yang dia kata pada aku,really touched me..

"Are you okay dear?Did he hurting you?" She said with the most caring face ever,

I didnt say anything,i hugged her like she was my mother.I cried a lot.I was just too speechless.I never ever imagined i can meet someone like her.She never knew my name,she didnt know where i stay.She was just too caring for me.She got a nice heart.

"Be strong dear,you're such a nice girl and he didnt deserve you.Sabar okay sayang?"

I just nodded my head and cried.Then again she hugged me,she kissed my chin,i could feel her warm heart.How i wish i can tell everyone,that ive met a goddest of love.

"How old are you by the way dear?Hey,stop crying okay?" She asked me with smile.

"I'm currently 21,auntie"

"Where do you stay?"


"Make sure you go back home straight away after this okay?Macam mana u nak balik,by car or what? How u get yourself here?You datang dengan dia?"

I just nodded my head again.Really,im just speechless.

She hugged me again.Kissed mychin,and she really hope that i'm strong enough to face this.

"Dear,give me your phone number.In case,apa apa nanti,boleh?"

She brought out her Ipad.And we exchanged number and she asked me my name.

"Auntie tak boleh lama dekat sini,you balik okay dear? * She hugged me again. And she asked her son to shakehand with me,i adore her i bet she got a happy family.Such a warm hearted woman.She hugged and kiss my chin once again just before she went away with her family..

I smiled to her,she is a beautiful mother with a beautiful heart.Auntie Yuzi,what i wish now is,i could meet you again.You're the most nice person ive ever met. I love you Auntie.


| Lady La Veyna | said...

boy friend u ke ? Awhh she is so sweet . I had a similar experience like this when I was eighteen with my ex . He slapped me , not too hard tho but still , it was in public . Guys , sometimes they just don't care but that doesn't mean he's bad . Like us girls kadang2 menjerit tak kira place hee hee . Anyways , my point is , you should text her during Raya , person like her is rare .

Take care Ja .


ja, take care. da lama gua tak baca blog orang. taw lu tak okay dari twitter jea. tp kalau kena tumbuk tue mmg buat gua panas kejap. nsb baik ada auntie baik calm you down. betol kata meen 'that doesnt mean he's bad' tp igt ja, kalau time couple da naik tgn, time kahwin nnt siapa tahu #justsaying

hugs ja