The second chances,

"We're back to what what we were ; happy and lovely ever after,tapi you kena janji satu benda dengan i"

"What sayang?"

"Promise me,raya ni makan banyak banyak.You looks sick on this way,dont you realize it?"

"Make me happy then,will you?"

"I will always,promise" ":)"


"If you dont mind can i ask you something?"

"Yes,you can"

"Can i lost under your arms forever,like forever?"

"Wait..Gimme 3 minutes to answer you"

And he sang me this...

That happy feeling,when you're up in the morning,texting with someone you loves,getting voice messages from someone you chase everyday,that happy feeling that i cant explain..Feels like i'm in lovely October again again..and how i wish it lasts..

Lord,bless me..

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