Bring it on!

Everything has been settled.Hurts,tears,hatred,all was some up in one explaination.Yes,regretting is in his way,but there is something i should realise by now is,let the fool be their way,one day he will realize how worth was my care-ness.Takpe,its all on His hand.What i hope is now that,everything will be turn out good for me.I'm ready for anything new,if it was meant to be,it will come back.:) What should i do now is,moving on.I dont care how much your friends will hate me,i know what i'm doing.You taught me to be heartless.So this is what you get.Ready for a new one,bring me someone good please,someone better. I love you,God,i love you.Amin.

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+aNa baNana+ said...

ni saja2 tulis or really happen? btw, what happen actually, haha~~~?