my dad is soo cool hah :)

today i have to wake up so early as 8.00 a.m in the morning.woah.wtf.i hate morning. sleep is way too cool bebeh. had my bath, all dress up and get ready to work. had my breakfast with my lovely mak and abah . i just ate 3 kuehs, and i tot it was my stating way to diet cos im getting fat now. oh fat suckers, please get out of my life.im getting fatttt! sucks man. after finished our brkfst, my dad just drop me at the cimb bank, and i just walked to have that facial thingy. gile lame doe. it took two hours man. gile lama taw i memanjakan diri td. while tat maciks manage tat facial thingy., my abah had calling me and said that he wanted to fetch me to buy a new lappy for me. OMG. i wass so supriiseeed u olls.cant believe it.! haha. its been a long time i have waited to renew my laappy. and Thank God. today my abah was really made my day :). and yeah, my abah bought his too. same lappy as mine. yehaaa,like abah like daughter ok! :) million thanks abah, fer this wonderful lappy. :)
really appreciate it, no one can be as cool as u dad! :) LOVE AND APPRECIATE your dad everyone. hes yours forever!

yes, abah, Insyallah,i'll be in the dean list next time. ill try my best ok?:)
xoxo everyone. im bleessed :)