u are way sooo insane O,O

two days ago i was suprised by something that i dun ever expect it would be happened, or i would knew about all of this thing. OMG OMG. my feelings were all mixed up. how could he likes me? how could he did care about me? how could he have heart-feeling towards me? i am your besfren's ex gf dude. how could u betray ur fren? i mean, in this situation, i cant imagine, how would my ex react if he knew all this sudden confeession. at first i tot he was joking as usual cos he used to treat me like that. OMG. dude, u cant do this. its so abnormal.our fren will laughing or might being speechless fren for us.DUDE, u neh memang betul2 mereng.u saw me with him, u saw me hugging him,u knew how precious was him for me, u knew how deep was my love towards him, u knew i was crying badly just bcos he didnt showed up when he supposed to meet me at BB, u knew about us,u KNEW it but are you out of your mind now? HAHA. i wish i dun even knew all your confeesssion, thus i can go through my day with no questionssss inside my mind. u suprising me dude. really SUPRISING. this is what we called, expected the unexpected duh.hish kau neh. macam2.i dun kno how to react over me. shud i smile?shud i laugh? shud i say no?shud i? or i just do nothing. can i? entah.

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