yes , its time to change.

fer three days lately, i was amuse by something.something that i cant define what it was all about.yes, i was damn busy and tired managing something.i went to KL fer two days.sending my sisters to get a job by attending job interview at malaysia transformers manufacturing.(aint tat cool?).yeah, alhamdullillah , Thank God. i am blessng now cos my sistah just told me that she got the job just one day after she went to that interview.congrates yah! no need to tanam anggur la kak long lepas neh.ehem~ seriesly i was very bored when i had to wait my sistah done her interview.thanks again to mtm cos they provided free pc and internet thus dun be so weird when i got to online there. actually, mtm is my eldest brother"s workplace also my future brother in law too.and now my sistah is heading ther to join them.cool yeah. all my siblings are working there now, and Insyallah , im gonna be there too.:).im happy for my sistah. and yes this realise me that im growing up day by day and i have to start think about future in siriesly mood; no need joke anymore or confusing or something. i have to change my bad attitude. leave all of shit things. grew up with good people who can show me the way to a bright life huh.my dad was so ccool, and he said that i got to pay all money that i used fer my study on one fine day later. and yes . thats true.i got no time to waste. have to work hard. have to change my family's standard. from good to better to very good and the best among the rest. fyi, i am the youngest child in my family, but i feel like i am the first one. cos all streess on me to work hard, be in dean list make my dad proud although i cant be a lawyer as he wish after i got my spm's results. i can feel the stress up to be a perfect child. although i am not a ggood enough to be look up,i wish i can change my attitude to be a goood person from this time on.im so tired now, just got back from work, and now i know how hard it is to get money , to get a good salary, to make your life better, and now i realise how many times i have wasted. how hard it is now my dad, wouldnt gives me money as easy as before fer no good reason. i have to be indipendent. finding my own money to buy things that i like, managing many things,speak up to anyone, spending half of my day to get hundreds eveyday, woke up early in the morning(it sucks, im not a morning person), get "FREE LECTURER: from my mom just after i woke up, oh hell.i love you mom~there were so many thing i have learned now. from day by day, i now realise, im not kids anymore, my parents have no time to pamper me. it s time to change anyone. dun get so easy stimulated by "harta dunia,harta makbapak", it doesnt "teach" u anything, its time to moving on.its time to change. be patient. love your parents.
love your life. xoxo.

*miss ALL my frens ; apex,baby,ciput, aziq ajiq,safwan,sodox,kiran,shasha,eija,aina,icha,sham,jep,sham,rifdie,acap,oshi,edd,iftaz,eija,putra,takky,ira,parames,harvin,opie,farah,chaom,taan,celine,haziq,mell mill,manda,dud,and everyone .


syaf said...

good, love ur spirit now...
yeah, sometime we need 2 change for our good future....caiyok2 gurlzz

Anonymous said...

bravo 'little' youngest jaja! :D
adore ur spirit!
huhu, ure so true, i shud change myself too to a far away better 'future doc' yes, that's for a better life!no time to waste anymore. no tme for play play like we did in the past :)

*miss u too!

jaja karen said...

syaf : yeah, thanks . yaaa we NEED to channgee :0

aina, misss u moreeeee, little youngest jaja? how cute that name! haha :)