million apologies babe. you're not wrong. you're just good for me. but what i had face was so way different than yours.u cant feel what i feel. i knew, those thing wont stop if none of us put our ego aside. but hey. im just a human.and i gotta feeling. sorry i got to delete you now. but please do know that im not deleting you as easy as u tot. im regret but i have and i shud. enough for him to disturb me eventho i faced it in silence, i still feel the pain.. im happy with my new life now. its the new me. ignorance might be my besfren now, for some situation or some people. i hope u understand! babe, u still my frennnn! till i die. :)

*im hope we'll head-banging togetha one day =)

its time for me to go;
farewell to you babe=(

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