hope this rumours is true.!!!!


okay okay so everyone has been talking about it.are they or are they not coming?

well,its kinda like 95%(my best buddy says its confirm,through contacts) that they are coming.so people cross your fingers that they are coming.

the date?

somewhere in the middle of the year or towards the end of the year

so people,go save up your money from now on.why?

cause its gonna be expensive(starting from 100+++) plus you gotta buy their merchandise!

and make sure you get the best camera there is.cause its gonna be a ROCK concert.

people pushing = blur pictures.

you dont wanna bring back blur pictures as your precious memory right?

so once again pray hard that they’ll be coming(okay,now its kinda like 98% that its confirm).

the ball is in their court now and its up to Paramore.

thanks to my best buddy for the info(and her friend).sorry if i wasnt meant to post this…whoopsie!!



f.a.r.a.h said...

harus la pegy weyh

jaja karen said...

yup! event wajib

eijaBEBEH said...

paramore,please come when my summer break starts!

jaja karen said...

yeahhh eijaaa!!

MéuzAngelo™ XXIII said...

mmg gilo Paramore makcik ni... haha

jaja karen said...

yeah!! baru taw kan? hehheheheheh