waiting.i cant.

when everything was over,
i felt like i was the only thing that shud die immediately on that time,
pain ;
i wish you can see my eyes crying,
i hate it when how my tears dirts my face,
why you cant even gimme another chance to tell everything i shud have to,
minds blowing,
i dunno theres a thing about u that i cant erase out of mine,
u were just like poster that stick on my wall and i cant let it crack,
i knew,
it was fool to cry about all these thing now,
my heart was bursting,
just stop beating,
im not your little kids,
dun baby me please,
i knew everything,
i saw everything,
i understand everything that came out of your mouth,
i hate the feeling when i was crying,
cos i know,
it was the time that you step out of my life,
it was the time i will never see you anymore,
it was the time, i lost someone who i can pamper with.
i dun wanna ask why,
it was love.
i miss how you made me laugh when other people cant do same as you,
i miss how you told me, i was the one for you,
i miss how you force me to eat, whenever i refuse, cos i felt full whenever u with me,
i miss how you telling your jokes towards me,
i miss when we dancing together at the gig,
i miss when u hugged me whenever i cried,
i miss the feeling when u was holding my hand and ask me never leave you,
i miss the moment when you kicked my ass just wanted to say,hey budak gemuk, dietlah!
i miss when we spent our time at mcd 7days a week and you said, we're gonna have cancer syg, and we're gonna die togetha :
and we were laughing.
i do miss everything.
there's been a months.
and i cant waiting alone.
i hate it when i feel the pain that you go away.
i cant.
icantwaiting alone, perhaps.
i cant.


Anonymous said...

stop waiting for it. saba ye ala la la kuci2 pampers hey! chill! :D

jaja karen said...

i wish i can, aina