second combat lovers, please read this. and please fuck Y2K! =)

i got this blog post from second combat official mys .
and please read this.

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Recently at RTW we've been insulted by a band called Y2K.Somehow somewhere after the shows when Atok our guitarist were talking to Abg Rom of ROTTW,then suddenly vocalist of Y2K step in interupted saying are u muslim or not?Because of the X that he had in his hands were not faded after the shows,Atok says yes Im a muslim and this is just only markers,and he tried to walk out of the situations harmless with hands down without living any aversion and suddenly that guy grab his hands and take out a knives try to carve it on his hands.The situations looks like the vocalist trying to joke around but somehow the vocalist of Y2K means to attack our guitarist and Atok walked out from the situations dissappointedly.And he didn't speak to us until the next day because he knew that we will attack or used violence against that guy.Which we will do seein in situations like that.

It wasn't really about these sxe pride that we are talking about,It were more about respect and mutual understanding between bands or person that we're confronting.

We dont think that this is the right way to tell us or any person to live a life that they personally want.Y2K is a Fake punk band that living in disguise constantly attacking kids or person that having different views or Ideas contradictions to them.Punkrock were suppose to go against Feud and hatred that were the seeds of Infidelity.
Anybody who knows this band please tell this straight to their face what they did is wrong and against any principles and positive Idea's.We lost our respect over this band and We'll do whatever it takes to take them down.We just found out that this guy were a very rich person who lived in Bukit Antarabangsa.Whoever knows the person work and plays or knows links of this band in myspace please post it to us.Thank u for your cooperation guys.

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