what's on my mind recently?
Jeng Jeng Jeng..

  • Assgnments for this degree semester , are killing me softly , softly and softly.
  • Im afraid to accept someone.
  • I wanna be skinny, like seriously i want it :( *screammmm*
  • I wanna have a sugar daddy cos im absolutely broke now. Thank God Amanda wanna treat me for the whole weekend :)
  • There are two weeks left to sit for the final exam. Duhhhh.
  • Im missing my Abah like hell! :(
  • I ate rice for a smal quantity(?), and i love it, cos its a sign that i have lost my appetite . :)))
  • Where the hell are you Mr.A?
  • "Sepet" is the famous word that have been sent to my facebook. DUHHHH.
  • I got a lot of new friends recently. Yeah, Berkawan biar seribu. :)
  • I love you my baby, Farahain a.k.a Keling tegar :)
  • I need a new handphone. Abah, can you hear me? HEHE.
  • I slept at 5pm to 7pm. And i woke up at 8pm- till 8am. Turns upside down yeah.
  • I want you to know that im afraid for a something that i cant explain what is it, everytime u said, rindu you jaja.
  • Sumpah rindu nak bersukan.
  • My crush, when i was at primary school turns to be so fat. I wonder, why the hell he can turn to be thatttttttttt biggggg. haha
  • I need a lotof moneyyyy
  • MARA made me felt so angryyyyyy.
  • I hate waiting.
  • I love to be soft.
  • Im wearing dress now. HAHA.
  • Im not ready to commite to anyone :)
  • Im not chinese ,
  • Mama said, Im getting skinny. I was like wtFFFFFFFFFFFF. HAHA. i feel like im getting so fat now.
  • Does anyone own a HONDA? hehe.
  • Im seriously in need of a car.! ABAH can you hear me again>? HEHE
  • Love will make a sense for me, or will not. IDK yet.
  • I was dreaming about Johny Depp. I wish i can rewind it.
  • My friends and my family, and the music are the reasons why i smile today.Especially, for u know who. :)
  • Im blushing alot . AWWW
  • I hate KARMA.hshshahahhahaa
  • I was deleting some of my friends at FB.and some of them are my classmates. GAHHH.
  • Currently addicted to creep.
  • minggu ini saya rasa geli terhadap diri sendiri~~
  • wish me LUCK for the final guysss :)



farrah said...

i hate karma? *gelak guling*

rindu u jaja? i know who's dat guy.

blushing a lot? hell yaa i like it bebeyh.

conclusion : everything that happen to you this year, does affect me too babe n i love you no matter who you are. :)

may god bless us.

MéuzAngelo™ XXIII said...

aku komen je.. malas nak bace ape ko tulis..
sempat bace 4 baris je.. haha