Lending ears,

jessica alba + lucy liu = jaja lee.Owww YEAH!

As far as i concern and as far as i have been living in this sometimes-beautiful-sometimes-bitchy world, i have been so very very very good listener to others.Heartbroken,left out,love shit things,people get annoying,no one cares,family problem,mama got tears out,brother got mental problem,sister and sister got a bad communication between them two,couple get quarrel,ex bf is being so fucking scared to mee up or face his ex gf ( i found this funny to me.HAHA),friend never understand friends(this is normal to me,fucking normal i shall say) and many more problems.Some of us are bad in listening.I admit.I shall admit here,i will feel very important to those person who will look up for me while they are telling me all their problem.I would feel like i am the one of person that they can count on.And as far as what ive been hearing and facing all people that came out with their problemsss, i found that all my advices that ive been given to them is the most useful.And and most of them are boys.Im wondering here,do i look like a mom(damn,am i too old for that?) or a professional advisor to them?or they feel so comfortable when they are with me.Yea,i had facing some boys who crying over the phone while telling me his problems.I felt so lucky because i could hear boy's crying.( wey,lelaki menangis kot! sangat rare and some people je dapat dengar wey!)*bangga wey bangga!*

Listening to other's problem making me be more mature from day to day and they thaught me a lot about life.Really a lot.And making me be a good obverser too.Thats a fact.Really a fact.

Or is this telling that i should quit my info shitstem degree and continuing with physcological thing?

Can i Abah?*keningkening*

"No,you absolutely cant my little daughter.whos gonna pay for your fees?Your sugardady?" - Dato' Baharin.

Okay.i KNEW -.-"Bye. Thanks abah.

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