Yes,im deleting all the posts about 2010.Too tired to continue.But yeah 2010 was quite fun to me when it was coming to end.What important most now i want 2011 be all the all the way nice to me.My new year's eve was effin fun.Met buaya and his friends.Even ada sikit epic problems masa mula mula jumpa tu but that was okay.That thaught us well.Thanks a lot J,bought me jacket,necklace,skirts, and what tali pinggang besar for skirt in english?.Toche toche toche.I love you always.So yeah welcome 2011,i am welcome you,dun give so many bulllshits to me.I've had enough ok ok ok?.May God bless me always on this 2011.Im getting 21 yawwwww! :D
Jessica Alba ketika dikesan di tesco.Ok bai.

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