Of having a mengada J,

Yes.I dont know how to describe my feelings now when i was read some important lines that amazed me the most.Its like i wanna happily crying because of reading those.Really.My tears almost get down on my face when he said he cant live without me and yes when u read them and your heart said he really meant it,imma dead sure you will feel same as me.Thanks a bunch J.You really made me feel appreciated eventhough you are so so so so manja with me.Like you want me to pamper u every single day.You are so adorable-annoying-person.I just cant describe you.You made me laugh so hard instead of making me crying when u having 'your sucks big time' time.And when u are having a terrible missing feeling problem till u 3g's me when i was on my bed.And what really suprised me the most was,you are the only one that able and can control my garangness.You can make me cold even i was so hot.Now tell me,do you really that good or you just put some spell on me huh?But please don be so manja please.Im tired of seeing ur mengadaness.I just feel like, i wanna bite youuuu nowwww! GAAAAAAA.Whateva it is,you know i love you so.

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