STILL the on off fever,

I told ya.Medicines really cant heal me.Its like im eating some peria when everyone else having some ice cream in front of you.Mentally tortured right?And and and im innocently can crying without any purpose when im facing this kind of fever.I cant go so silent till everyone noticed it.I can face this all alone eventhough i AM all alone every single time.My pamper-level will become more higher and higher.Feel like,I want J to bribe me everytime i wanna eat.I wanna J to pick me up and espouse me everytime i wanna sleep or go somewhere else.When i have to get those terrible medicine i want him to bribe me and get the drink for me.Too affectionate huh?Yes thats me.Really me.So please honey do it all for me.*keningkening*

*Seriously dun trust fake news easily.Avril is not dead.Shes still kicking her ass well and Fahmi absolutely wont play for MU.Damn! I got punk'd! And and dun skip your class in the morning or you will look like me upthere otherwise.Messy?Fugly?Subhanallah.It is HIS creation.You absolutely cant comment it at all.Subhanallah.


shah amirul said...

fuyoo jaja pakai jersi man utd! :P

Cik Jaja Lee said...

its not with me anymore.hehe