Because i was born beautiful,

When all the boobies are so freaking scared about their weights' gaining,i just staring at them and think back.Im not that fatty and im not that skinny till everyone could see my bones from externally views.Subhanallah.Alhamdulilah.I should be more grateful from day to day.Just keep a good diet not diet-mati-punya like ive ever had before.Because there are many more mans that doesnt have their hands to write,no legs to walk,and how about the deaf the blind?We should be bless for what we have now.Stop complaining more and more.Because He never did something for no reason.Dun punished yourself by thinking you're not that beauty you're not that perfect.He did something for you for a reason.And you have to dig deep to know the real truth.Live life happily.Be thankful.Super thankful.But yes,"manusia mana pernah rasa cukup"
But yes,tak semua

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