Sekinchan,2010 ;')
  1. I miss you friend.
  2. Miss how we used to get in the same car and drove it to somewhere only we knew..but now we are completely stranger haih,
  3. And i miss how we used to watch fifa together and im the one who you blamed for making u being a fifa freak.:') good times.
  4. And i hope you miss me too..
  5. Youre the only one who knew that im hurt inside even i gave u a big smile.
  6. Yes i miss those bonding thingy. Dont tell me you dont..
  7. We hve been rejected with those two guys that potraited with the same assholes attitude.mirror.
  8. Tapi,tak apelah,Dia maha mengetahui..;')


FyDo said...

nie dkt kg mne nie jaja?

Jaja Lee ♛ said...

Sekinchan :)