You look Good.

i've been through a fuckingg busy weeks lately.urghh. i was so busying with that complicated coding that made me feel likee ... watthehell all of these thing?. i know i have to be patient just becausee this is all about my future.Abah had giving out all of his best to ensure me to have the best education. urghh. it made me feel depressed now. what will my abah says, if i cant get the best result for my first bloody hard semester? pray for my succes guys.plis plis. i need a break for all this shit. and its so cool huh i got my midterm test tomoorow. im so scared rite now. met sasha yesterdays after like... two weeks i havent met her. she just said, u changed alot. how u get to know this guys , that guys. i just said back to her, uhh i still the same jaja lah u ;)uhhhhhhhuhhhh uuhhhhhhhhhhh. my sinus problem is getting terrible days by days. i knew that thing is killing me inside days by days. wattodo, wattodo. i need thousands to cure my sinus problem.does anybody own them? im dying everyday. its just people cant see my problem, visually. i felt like i need to reborn myself. coughing terriblely everyday is just one of my fucking sicks everyday. i dunno when i will go.Feeling uncomfortable everyday. That is me. HUH. i need money . i need money. i need fuckingloads of money to solve all of this problem. I have been in the midst of frustration and anxiety. And I dont know what makes me happy anymore. Sigh.Thisthing just killing me more and more.urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i need a vacation. having a great times with my family , is just one of my best memories i have had i guess. i think im writing bad today. im gonna had 7 free days for a mid term bbreak. hell man. its just too short for me. i need a long vacation. i hate studies lately. and yeah i just discovered that i suit to work as -sumthing related to broadcast- , i think. just cant figure out which post. but it just too late to think. huh again and again. my Birthday is in nine days ahead. What to ask from Abah?

*i think i just lose my love feeling. someone approach me. and i felt like,super annoying.love doesnt make sense for me currently.

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